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Introduction of ISIT

ISIT was established on December 25, 1995, by permission of Minister of International Trade and Industry under the provision of Civil Code Article 34.

ISIT promotes information technology industries and the development of economy and society in the Kyushu area. Its activities cover the followings:

  1. Research and development on Systems & Information Technologies;
  2. Exchange and cooperation programs with related organizations;
  3. Technical consulting services;
  4. Information acquisition and provision services; and
  5. Human resources development programs, in cooperation with industries universities and governments in Asia-Pacific region.

The goals of the activities are follows:

  1. Progress of technological activities and R&D capabilities of local companies.
  2. Development of information sciences and technologies; and
  3. Creation of a new culture and improved life style in the 21st century.


Organization Name Institute of Systems, Information Technologies and Nanotechnologies (ISIT)
Date of Establishment December 25, 1995
(by permission of Minister of International Trade and Industry)
April 1, 2013 Became a public interest incorporated foundation
(approved by The Prime Minister of Japan)
Location(Address) [ISIT Head Quarters and Open Innovation Lab.]
Fukuoka SRP Center Building 5F
2-1-22, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka City 814-0001, JAPAN
[Materials Open Lab. and Industry-academia-government Co-creation Promotion Dept.]
Fukuoka City Industry-Academia Symphonicity
4-1, Kyudaishinmachi, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City 819-0388, JAPAN
Telephone [ISIT Head Quarters and Open Innovation Lab.]
[Materials Open Lab. and Industry-academia-government Co-creation Promotion Dept.]
Facsimile [ISIT Head Quarters and Open Innovation Lab.]
[Materials Open Lab. and Industry-academia-government Co-creation Promotion Dept.]


Research and Development Projects

Principal Research is our main research, which is long-term and strategic. Now, ISIT mainly researches two themes, “System Design Methodology” and “Software Development Methodology & Network System”.

Exchange Programs

The aims of exchange programs are to develop information technologies and to promote the local information industry, through international exchange among industrial, academic and governmental sections; as well as technical exchange among ISIT supporting members, enterprises in SRP Center Building, local information-related enterprises, computer manufacturers, universities, administrative organs and ISIT. They consist of various events, domestic research exchange activities, overseas research exchange activities and so forth.

Project Promotion Activities

ISITs project promotion activities have mainly involved grant applications for proposed research and project plans based on our principal research themes.

Technical Consulting Services

ISIT offers technical consulting services in which either our research staff or outside advisory members can give a workable solution to your problem on any research and development field related to Systems & Information technologies.

Information Gathering and Provision Services

ISIT has actively collected information and made it widely available to local related industries.

Coordination of Academic-Industrial Alliance

Toward the formation of the industrial cluster, “Academic-Industrial Alliance Coordinator” plays an active part at ISIT, from November 2005.

Human Resources Development Programs and Others

ISIT has been holding technical seminars and events to train technical experts in the related local information industry.

Organization chart

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